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WTOY International Television Studios with its corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was founded in 1982 and as one of the first independent television and video production companies to be established prior to the deregulation of the television industry in 1985.


WTOY has produced over 300 episodes of programming in a variety of different formats, from weekly series to network specials. With cutting edge content and award winning producers, WTOY creates original and unique 

programming {all produced utilizing the latest broadcast video equipment in both digital and analog formats} that informs and educates. 

 The company's distinguished list of nationally known programming includes This Old Yacht, Building A Dream Home, The Car Builders Workshop and The Paris Air Show 


Our award winning production staff at WTOY draws a breadth of experience in writing, field production, editing, graphics, animation and distribution. The staff includes experts on home building and interior design, business and technology,  fashion and marine construction. 

 With cutting edge content, award winning producers and network quality programming, WTOY has featured over five hundred companies and their products to both a national and international television audience within our television series' over the last thirty five years. 

 Leading the way with story-based reality programming, WTOY Television Studios is best known for its compelling style-based programming. From the expertise developed from our collective bodies of work, WTOY has become a leader in the category of specialty programming and video production projects. 


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