Production Services

The Process


 The process starts with a complete understanding and use of a manufacturers product and an equal understanding for the process of featuring that product and manufacturer within "Building A Dream Home."

In fact, it would be hard to find another strategic marketing opportunity that gives more value for a product placement investment than "Building A Dream Home". Because we do that so well, every product feature segment adds to our success. 

Here's what our product feature segment covers:


The development of narrative and shooting scripts of a manufacturer's product feature segment for positioning within "Building A Dream Home". 

Coordinating, producing and directing the production of the feature segment with the on camera host or hosts. 

Design and creation of the graphics with a custom music bed for the product feature segment with a voice-over call to action. 

 Airing of the product feature segment within "Building A Dream Home".


  "Building A Dream Home" will showcase the best, most unique and state of the art building materials, home furnishings, products and tools from manufacturers in the home building and interior design industries who's products or services have been selected to be featured on the broadcast and have met the producers' criteria for the show. 

"Building A Dream Home's" mission is to provide our audience with effective information that can help them make powerful choices in the home building and interior design industries. Television is our medium of choice. The advent of new media, however, has opened the door for pathways of communication that, when purposefully combined, can be far more effective than television alone. This is the show's philosophy.